As a chiropractor in Australia, the Chiropractic Association of Australia does not represent me.  For many years, fringe views have grown within the CAA.  These views, including the harmful anti vaccination stance adopted by some of its leaders, publicly harm society and the good work done by many allied primary healthcare practitioners.  As a result of these extreme views, some of which place dogma ahead of science and personal belief ahead of public policy, fewer and fewer chiropractors are associating themselves with this organization.  It claims 2600 members…many of whom are students…and there are 4845 registered chiropractors in australia.  It is hardly a peak body.  Frustrated, chiropractors have either chosen to remain silent, dissociated themselves from the organization,  or felt disenfranchised and undirected.

The absence of action by the Chiropractic Board of Australia is appalling.  Outside voices have stepped in because my profession can not keep its own house in order.  In particular, the harm done by many CAA board members who are anti vaccination is both shameful and worthy of removal from the registrar.

With the aim of protecting modern Chiropractic, the purpose of this blog is to demonstrate there are evidence based chiropractors in Australia who are 1) Highly trained neuromuscular experts who serve the public’s interest in conservative diagnosis and treatment of spinal and nmsk disorders and 2) willing to expose those actions by individuals within the chiropractic profession which are not consistent with our scope of practice.

This action is a public health concern,  and my views for the progressive chiropractic profession are being voiced because I would like change to come from within the profession rather than from external voices.

As such, please be advised that the CAA does not represent me as a chiropractor and I am going after those elephants who claim to represent the profession I am part of, yet publicly embarrass us.  The only problem is that there are so many elephants in this room, where is one to start?

I will also be promoting a solution, as well as best practice and interprofessional cooperation.  For starters, here is an organization who represents my profession well. If in need of a therapist, I advise you to seek treatment from one of its members.