Chiropractors Association of Australia

Suite 2, 36 Woodriff Street Penrith
NSW 2750

To the National Association Company Secretary or Chief Executive Officer,

After learning that CAA National Board member Billy Chow, along with CAA SA and National Board Member Patrick Sim, have been working behind the scenes on developing a non-university based private chiropractic college, I have lost confidence in the most recent CAA election.  This move will lower the standard of education here in Australia, one of the world’s pioneers in University based Chiropractic education.  These recently elected members did not campaign that this was their agenda when running for office, with many of the developments occurring behind the scenes without transparency.  We should be strengthening our position in current University settings, promoting cultural authority through research and higher degrees.  The effects of these members actions have a significant impact on the profession and should have been campaigned upon, debated amongst all stakeholders, as these issues affect the chiropractic profession nationally.  They will also have significant financial ramifications for the CAA, and any benefitting commercial parties.

According to the CAA constitution:

8.11(b) The Directors shall have specific fiduciary duties including, but not limited to:
(i) the duty to act honestly;
(ii) the duty to exercise due care and diligence;
(iii) the duty to avoid all conflicts of interest; and
(iv) the duty not to gain personally nor cause detriment to the National Association by improper use of their position or inside information.

I would like to call an extraordinary general meeting to be held in Sydney, with costs covered by the whole CAA membership.  I am a voting member in good standing with the CAA.

  • I motion that the recent CAA elections be considered null and void, and have a vote of no-confidence in the recently elected board of directors
  • I motion that new elections be held in a reasonable timeframe


CAA member