Commander Paul Bergamo: Hi Pat.  Does the EGM require a presentation of a funding model for a private college with the CAA National’s Cash Strapped position? Can the administrator of this page allow Marc Hudson access as he will elaborate on this response to a message I asked him.  “Barcelona College of Chiropractic required 2,500,000 USD. (And it was not enough.)  It took mostly a 3 year period.  The amount pledged was greater and could have been collected, but the support/admin was poor.  MOst was pledged in 3 one hour presentations.”

 emperor-palpatinePat Sim: Paul Bergamo at this point the college project requires an initial sum to cover key papers: an initial document outlining the feasability of the project as well as a business plan document that will outline the costs of the project (including funding models).  These documents will cost between $15-$25k each.  The college working party is requesting these funds from CAASA.  CAASA have agreed to the funding on the proviso that it’s membership approves.

Given the money accrued by the CAASA has come from chiropractors the college working party has not asked the profession directly at this point.  There will be a time when the profession will be asked to contribute and Marc’s expertise and experience will be a great help when that time comes.

jar-jar-the-real-reason-lucas-invented-jar-jar-binks-involves-ewoks Tony Croke: Wasn’t a consultant from Europe (Blue Orange (?) which helped establish Barcelona Chiropractic College) engaged by CAASA a couple of years ago to do this groundwork? What came of that?


emperor-palpatine Pat Sim: Tony, this is the culmination of that work.  Blue egg is the consultancy company involved.  They have helped BCC thru the final accreditation inspection.  And were involved throughout the creation of BCC.  Following blue egg’s last visit to Australia the college working party has been examining college models and preparing submissions for the CAASA.  Now that the next step is clear we arrive at this point: the project becomes public knowledge and the funding requests begin.

DarthVader083111 Billy Chow: Because at this present time Chiropractic education is under the arm of CAA National as one of their responsibilities it is imperative that we all think hard about who you vote into the positions of President Elect and the director positions. A board that has it’s ties and educational beliefs too entrenched in a University model will certainly hamper any chance of a private college.


The vitalists... Innocent BCC student:  Fellow ChiropracTORs, today marks a sad day for the future of Vitalistic Chiropractic in Europe. We students have just been informed that the European Council on Chiropractic Education (ECCE) has denied full accreditation status to the Barcelona College of Chiropractic (BCC). The reason is that they don’t see the BCC following an evidence based approach, having no alignment to the bio-psychosocial-model and a non-patient centred care (their words). They even recommended to reconsider the use of non-conventional terminology such as “practice member”.I personally see no evidence to the explanations given by the ECCE. There is no clear guidance on the ECCE standards to what “evidence based” is. The ECCE is stating that this is their final decision and the BCC could re-apply in 12 months time.  Students at the BCC of all years (including the past graduates) are devastated and evaluating their options. I personally see this as an attack against an evidenced-based but vitalistic approach of Chiropractic, an act of ruining a school that has been build by hard working individuals, and most importantly an act of ruining the future of several students at the BCC.



starwars-helpmeobiwan All the TORs together: Help us Heidi Haavik.  You’re our only hope.

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