The CAASA, in all its clandestine scheming, is willing to gamble millions of your chiropractic dollars into a chiropractic curriculum similar to the failed Barcelona Chiropractic College.  They put their faith in this person who has odd beliefs about chiropractors being Shamen and Shawomen.  This model of college he helped found has been critiqued by gatekeepers as being, “Non-evidenced based approach throughout the curriculum in patient assessment and management, which is not aligned to the biopsychosocial model and patient-centred care.”

But what might that mean?  What is the context?

Curious about the background, I found it very helpful to listen to a few of the founders/investors in the BCC.  I thought it might be interesting to really get to know them as people.  After all, they have been accused of taking five years of time and a substantial financial investment from students, promising them them chiropractic wings, lying to them about their chiropractic futures…taking their fledglings to the a literal cliff edge and yelling, “Jump.”  We might want to get some sort of context to find out their background.  Have a listen.

The Witchdoctor

Lynne, Wife of the Shaman

Marc Hudson is a self proclaimed Shaman, chiropractic coach and ingenious gentleman fundraiser of Barcelona.  Really, he’s a salesman.  He’s a little loose with facts, they really only become helpful if he’s pumping out a message, and, then, they can be altered to suit his agenda.  They are fluid.  It’s just like time, which he teaches us how to bend.

“There is an energy in all of existence.  We vitalistic chiropractors work with that energy.  My definition of chiropractic is that we are Shamen or Shawomen in the 21st century who have to wear the costume of modern health professionals.  Our job is to interject an energy into a living being and have that energy taken in by that person.  Specifically, it is non-therapeutic, non-diagnostic.”

He likes to sell things that, “certainly, are not scientific.”

According to his propaganda, he has been averaging 175 patients a day for 19 years.  He’s also on claimed to be averaging 150 patients a day.  Of course, now he’s seeing fewer than that.  I suspect he’s also claimed to see many more than that, and probably sees far fewer than that.  He’s a master communicator after all.

Really, he is a propagandist and a liar.

He likes to belittle other chiropractors who treat patients and take an appropriate history.  To him, this is, “Some other conversation,” an inefficient system.  He does not speak to patients, and belittles chiropractors who take an appropriate history.  He is unsafe because he fervently believes, “The public does not want to speak to you.”

As for recording notes, these are also frivolous.  An efficient business person can help you do this in under a minute.

All patients have to undergo an “education” seminar before they can begin treatment.  Essentially, the public have to undergo brainwashing, or be susceptible to brain washing, prior to chiropractic care.  But hey, if they don’t like it they can always leave.  Usually, though, Marc can sell them on care though.  And he’s willing to coach you through the very same process for the low, low investment of only 335 Euros.

Here, after BCC failed to meet the basic educational standards for it’s students to graduate, you can see the propaganda in action.  In an ironic statement on facebook, he tells those he’s misled to just hang in there a little longer.  Keep trusting.  Keep persistent.  For only a little more money that you invest in Marc’s propaganda…you’ll get there.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 07.12.59


If an allusion to WWI is to be made, I liken it more to the propaganda machines than the soldiers dying.

He and his team member, who is also his wife, are certain in their beliefs, and believe their own propaganda.  Or, if they don’t believe their propaganda, they certainly know that their propaganda works, and know how to keep it in circulation.  They also belittle vaccination, medication and the medical system.  Team member Lynne, his wife, helps him run seminars that they proudly proclaim are certainly not scientific.

Lynne tells chiropractors not to marry, date, have children with or get involved with potential love affairs if that chiropractor believes in vaccination, or antibiotic treatment for children.  She tells people that a fever of 103 degrees in a child is a good thing, because that fever will kill the the infection.   What does the Mayo Clinic think of this?  Well, unfortunately a fever of 103 degrees in a child might successfully kill the baby along with the virus, so it recommends seeking medical help.

What is so obvious from this group is that they are master propagandists.  They claim the opposite, they claim others are propagandists.  Furthermore, their actions are inconsistent with their words.  They create a smoke and mirror illusion, where they create real belief where there is only emptiness and illusion.  Master salespeople, master propagandists.

So, for them, I might leave another link to a page about another, more relevant killer emanating from Spain around the time of WWI.  The “Spanish Flu” killed more people than WWI than did the war itself.  Incidentally, modern medicine would be our best defence against something similar, a would develop a vaccination if a similar infection were to arise today.  Of course, Stanford University and The Center for Disease control might just be giant propaganda machines, I suppose you will have to judge the results for yourself.  If you think chiropractic is effective at treating such pandemics, go here.

For the record, most chiropractors in reality think any such claims are ridiculous.  I am one of them.  I am a healthcare team member, and a voice who is not represented by the Chiropractic Association of Australia, its board members, or their appalling lack of a policy statement on vaccination.  This group should have nothing to do with education of chiropractors.

I am, however, a COCA member.  They have a policy in place that is beneficial for the education of chiropractors. They also have a vaccination policy in place that is consistent with the world health organization when it comes to vaccination, and view it as a public health measure that is highly successful.